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    The Key Concept From Getting Past the Gatekeeper

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  • It's been a bitter battle!

    Sales reps versus Gatekeepers

    It can finally end!

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    The mindsets

    The world is a mirror. Whatever mindsets you bring to your encounters with the gatekeeper are what you'll get back. 


    Learn how focusing on service, respect & trust can transform the experience!

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    Once you have the right mindsets, how do you talk to the gatekeeper to get them on your side? How do you convince the gatekeeper to refer you in to speak with the boss? 


    It all has to do with human nature & leveraging the best of the best of us all!

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  • About the Author

    Stephanie Scheller

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    Stephanie Scheller

    CEO } Trainer } Coach


    Stephanie Scheller has been in sales her entire life.

    Her first sales "job" was as an advertising rep for a major corporation and the gatekeeper was certainly her most bitter enemy.


    It wasn't until her own sales priorities began to shift that the gatekeeper unconsciously began to shift as well.


    Now she's bringing the same skills she used to launch her own company to your hands!


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